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I can't thank you enough for the preparation you gave me. I didn't try a sports massage. I took some things from that, but most of my time I was using the gentler methods you taught me. I would not have thought of departing from the sports work, if you hadn't emphasized tailoring the massage to go with the needs of the horse, and demonstrating just how to do that. The bits and pieces of personal experience and wisdom dropped here and there during the training, came to my rescue. I am glad I didn't go anywhere else.


Deborah B.

My experience with the Equissage training may be unique in that I had no "horse" experience and was even a bit intimidated by horses; the sheer size and power of such beautiful animals is awe inspiring. I learned so much about horses and absolutely fell in love with them. Working with such a wonderful specimen of God's creation is a great thrill. You can literally tell how much the horses love being massaged and it's such a rewarding feeling - I've actually made a difference in the way this animal is feeling.


Corinne's technique of class work in the morning with practical application in the afternoon worked great for me; did I fail to mention that I not only had no horse experience, I was also the oldest participant in the class; so applying what I learned in class that same day was very helpful for me. I'm the type person who thinks you're never too old to try something new and I am so happy that I did so.


Thanks for all the "lessons" Corinne......I love this!!


Jan S.




Thank you so much for your time and energy. Being able to "just play" on each horse really helped me, and seeing each muscle on Sky was a huge benefit. I feel very confident now with all I have learned so far.


Thank You, Linda T, IN

I chose Equissage NC for the small class sizes, the everyday hands on training with the gentle horses, and the nationwide accreditation. But what I loved the most is Corinne's ability to make learning the information fun. From studying the bones of an old friend, to trivia while driving to a local equine facility, Corinne passed down what she has learned from her many years of experience in both the human and equine world.


Amanda L. Ga.

Corinne Bowie is both a great teacher and person. I have gotten my ESMT certification (equissage) with her and have recently gone back for an advanced weekend. It was easy for me to learn with classroom learning followed by hands on practice later that day. Small classes made it more comfortable and gave me more time with both the horse and Corinne. I had time to practice and ask questions so when I left I was sure of what I have learned. She teaches Equissage very well but the thing I liked the most was she introduced us to other forms and practices of body work as well. She is very patient and willing to help, I had a great experience and have learned a lot. I would highly recommend if you are interested in learning massage and body work Corinne is a great person to learn from.


Racheal F. NC

After scanning many websites and calling many people, I made the decision to study with Corinne Bowie of Equissage NC. I am so glad I chose you Corinne. Your experience and suggestions were invaluable to me. I was so fearful of being able to remember all the massage sequences, and you put me so much at ease. I think classroom in the morning and clinical in the afternoon helped me to "get" what you were teaching us. I also loved that we were able to learn alternative methods of treating our animal friends. Although I am newly graduated, I can already see the comfort we can bring to our equine partners. Thank you from my heart for all the energy you put into us and into our new careers.


Pam S.

Lenoir City, TN

Thank You for inspiring me to continue my education.


Karin S.

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