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Five Day Class

The week consists of morning classes and afternoon classes each day, from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Morning sessions focus on anatomy and physiology of the major muscle groups and some pathologies. Massage techniques and sequence are explained and applied to the equine in the afternoon sessions. Included in the week, are guest speakers, who will cover a variety of related subjects.

                                                                                Textbooks Used


                                                 The How to Manual of Sports Massage for the Equine Athlete  

                                                                                   By: Mary Schreiber


                                                                        "Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses"

                                                                                   By: Jack Meagher

                                                                           Anatomy Coloring Book


                                                                              Curriculum Schedule




Distribution of course materials.

History of massage and its use on animals.

Review of promotional video - detailing the founding of Equissage and its achievements.

Introduction to sports massage for humans, including practical application of the recognized strokes used in the therapy.

Review of the video: Sports Massage For the Equine Athlete".

Working with Tags



Instructor demonstration of Equissage on Equine Subject, with questions and answers and "hands on" opportunities for all students.



Instruction on equine muscle anatomy and physiology.  Instruction on Stress Point Therapy.

Discussion (and "hands on" opportunities) of therapeutic sequence of the application of equine sports massage




















In depth review of the equine muscle system, including instruction on the performance problems caused when particular muscles are not functioning with full capacity.

More "hands on"...form and function.




Review of all material covered thus far followed by the Exam.

Day long practical application on various equine subjects.

Course concludes with discussion of successful business and marketing plans, including advertising and promotional guidelines and ongoing plans for development of ESMT network.

The Price for the Week Long Course is $1,395.00 with a $300.00 Non-Refundable Deposit.

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