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About Corinne Bowie

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Corinne Bowie started riding over 40 years ago in many different disciplines.  It didn't take long for her to notice just how much massage could help our equine friends as she spent many an hour doing just so.  Time went on and her love for helping and her love of horses and anatomy lead her to massage school for humans. Soon after, she had the great privilege of learning from Jack Meagher (pronounced Marr), "Father of Sports Massage" and author of "Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses".  Since 1986 she has been very busy massaging equines and humans and has been teaching classes in both.  Her schooling has gone beyond sports massage (although that being her favorite) and she loves to share her knowledge with any one who will listen.  Corinne is a graduate from Equissage and is now a certified Equissage Instructor.

Our Mission

To get "More Hands on More Horses"! To ensure that our students are receiving the most thorough, complete curriculum available. We hold firmly to the concept of offering our curriculum at a reasonable and fair cost. In doing so, we will make the therapy more accessible to those wanting to pursue a career as a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. This gives more and more Equine Athletes the opportunity to be freed of pain and tension through the amazing power of touch and the Equissage Therapy.

Draft horse and red border collie

With DUAL CERTIFICATION not only will you learn sports massage on the equine but you will learn additional and different body work for the canine. Click Here For More Info

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